John Deere 6120

John Deere 6120

John Deere 6120 is the best tractor in its segment. Company John Deere has proven its worth in this size tractor for the past 30 years.John Deere has proven its worth in this size tractor for the past 30 years. The first tractors in the series are being revalued as they continue to be capable ma. John Deere has unveiled his redesigned 6M tractor series for the model year.

John Deere 6120M Utility Tractor with 120 HP John Deere FT4 PowerTech ™ Engine, Available in Open Station or Cab Configuration, Standard 21 GPM Hydraulics with Pressure Compensation; 30 GPM pressure compensated system available and you can choose from a range of available transmissions, equipped with Intelligent Power Management.

The IPM provides a boost of 20 hp (14.9 kW) for operations using the rear PTO in high-power applications or in transportation. The large lifting capacity of 4,400 kg maximum and 3,300 kg in all lift range ensures compatibility with heavy tractor front attachments and ballasts John Deere M utility tractor has high lift capacity of max kg and full kg lift range ensures compatibility with heavy front attachments of the tractor.

Designed with the shortest wheelbase found in the popular and will benefit from a turning radius of one foot (m). (m) turning radius on the M and M, so you can get in, out and get on with your day, even in the tightest of spaces. It is the power of. / 05/05.

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John Deere 6120M Tractor Key Facts

  • Engine Displacement: 4.5 L 275 cu in.
  • Maximum engine power: 133 hp
  • Maximum power of the PTO: 118 CV
  • Transmission: John Deere PowrQuad ™ Plus 24 speed 40 km / h
  • Steering: Dynamic, hydrostatic load sensors, flow meters
  • Country of Manufacture: Germany

Lyle McMillan, Marketing Director, explains that the remanufactured tractors are designed for farmers and ranchers looking to tackle a wide variety of tasks that come with a diverse farm. “Due to their compact size, wide power range and versatility, the 6M tractors have been a very popular power choice for a wide variety of dairy, livestock, hay and diversified agriculture customers, as well as for road mowing and property maintenance, and other off-farm tasks like snow removal, “he says. The 6M family of tractors has been expanded for 2020 with a 140hp 6120M model to better serve ranchers and diversified farms. This small frame, four-cylinder tractor has a 101.6-inch wheelbase designed to maneuver in tight spaces. The optional front hitch and PTO allow mounting and operation of front-end equipment such as snow plows or mowers.

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  1. John Deere 6120
  2. John Deere 6120 E
  3. John Deere 6120 R
  4. John Deere 6120 SE


Average engine power, not very large fuel tank, great advantage is the individual and fuel system, large powerful engine, efficient, but still average (typical) of the unit, good value and performance for the price and costs, profitability evaluate average paying attention to good cost-performance ratio, four-cylinder engine, engine with very high torque, perfectly matched RPM engine operation, direct injection, rather typical injectors, turbines, starter 12V, 24V large battery, equipped with an alternator, rather typical lighting, PTO with very good specs, powerless brake, disc brakes, wet, long, bulky, 4 wheel drive, dynamically distributes power to both axles, control hydrostatic, large capacity three-point link area. 4 tons, the compensation pressure and the flow, the gearbox synchronized, the change of power, the advanced transmission, two clutches, electrohydraulic, the change of load, reversible machanizm, the hydrostatic transmission, machanizm of investment, very ratios towards Go ahead, a lot of reverse

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Before the tractor was 500 hours, I had to replace the two shaft seals, replace a radiator and cover due to a fatigue, cracked plastic fan and then proceeded to destroy the radiator and cover. He also had 3 years of a battery life. Then both front tires began to rot dry and split at 3 years. The hinges of the cabin door lengthened and the cabins of the cabin that are behind the frame of the loader fell. In addition, since it is new, it has had a problem in which it loses power (hydraulic and electric) while the snow blower runs. They tightened the straps and sought electrical problems, but it seems to be very intermittent and only when it is below freezing and under load.

I bought the tractor in July. In the first week the loader deviated a lot. The dealer has given me long until a month ago. Finally, the tractor was taken. Now, more than a month in the dealer and several cylinders later, it is still there without getting ready. The rear hoe is doing the same – drifting – so they said it is probably bad cylinders. This thing is new, not even an hour in it and I was doing this. I have made several payments on it, while sitting in a store waiting for the recommendation of John Deere

This is a great tractor. It is used for backoxcavar ditches, pull trunks and dig. The biggest problem is that I had to put two clutches on it during the 4 years I have had and it goes again.

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