Compression problem John Deere 6120

Compression problem John Deere 6120 Problems

Compression problem John Deere 6120.The John Deere 6120 tractor has never let me down. But now there is such a problem that it is very difficult to start the engine, what is the problem?

Low compression in cylindersThe problem will manifest itself after a long period of inactivity. After starting, such a motor will show the wrong speed, more. In neutral, the diesel engine can vibrate and even stall.

The reason for this inefficient engine operation will be in heavily worn parts: gaps form between them, cylinder tightness drops, compression decreases. As a result, the air-fuel mixture is not compressed and heated enough, and after the diesel engine warms up to operating temperature, the heat causes the gaps between the elements to close, the tightness increases and the engine starts to work more stably.

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