John Deere 6120 accelerator pedal does not work

John Deere 6120 accelerator pedal does not work Problems

John Deere 6120 accelerator pedal does not work. I was driving a John Deere 6120 tractor, and the gas pedal began to fail. I got to the service, but they couldn’t help me there. Tell me what could be the problem?

The gas pedal is connected to the throttle and the throttle body. It is the throttle valve and the on-board computer that regulate the air flow rate, forming a fuel-air mixture and giving acceleration to the car. If the pedal-to-throttle communication stops working properly, there could be several factors.

Checking the throttle

We inspect the throttle body. The housing can be opened or some parts must be removed to access it. Inspect for excessive burns, obstructions, or damage to the case.

Search for visible damage or deformation

A check is performed on the engine compartment throttle control mechanism to ensure that the throttle lever is not visibly damaged. Any slack, bend, or breakage in the linkage will cause a problem in operation. If the throttle body, cable and pedal are working properly, then a deeper check of the system and its components will be required.

If any defects are not found in the throttle valve components, then the problem may be more serious. To do this, the OBD codes must be scanned so that they can point in the correct direction.

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