John Deere 6120 brakes do not work

John Deere 6120 brakes do not work Problems

John Deere 6120 brakes do not work. Hello everyone! Approximately 2.5 years ago, I purchased a John Deere 6120m for work, and so far there have been no problems with it, as just the other day I noticed a problem in the operation of the brake system. I relied on my skills and tried to fix it myself. Unfortunately, the malfunction could not be eliminated, so tell me what to do?

The brake system of the tractor ensures safe operation. Therefore, it is necessary to timely identify and eliminate its breakdowns. Most often, farmers are faced with a slow rise in the pressure level in the receiver. This is due to air leakage through the valves. The problem can be eliminated by removing the compressor head, cleaning the valve and seats, replacing damaged elements.

The second common problem is piston ring sticking. This situation is caused by the wear of the latter or the accumulation of a large amount of debris. Braking system problems such as:

  • damage to rubber seals;
  • looseness of tightening of nuts and O-rings;
  • penetration of contamination under the valves;
  • violation of the position of the dust cover;
  • clogging of the atmospheric hole;
  • deformation of the rod seals;
  • defects of the inlet, discharge or suction valve;
  • frequent actuation of the pressure regulator;
  • jamming of the unloading piston, etc.

The need to carry out repair manipulations arises immediately after the detection of such symptoms of brake system malfunctions as:-a decrease in the level of brake fluid (occurs when the pads are worn out, there are leaks due to depressurization of hoses and pipes);

  • jamming of adjustments;
  • soft or hard pedal, reducing the braking efficiency;
  • the presence of pulsation or vibration of the pedal, its excessive stroke or falling into the floor;
  • whistling, grinding, squealing and other extraneous sounds that occur during braking;
  • violation of stability of the tractor when stopping, etc.
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The brakes are usually repaired after disassembling and removing the units. This happens when internal parts fail. The measure involves cleaning the system, detecting worn parts and replacing them, subsequent assembly and adjustment. If, after replacing worn-out spare parts, flushing and disassembling the tractor pressure regulator, the operation of the mechanism is disturbed, the brakes should be adjusted.

To do this, do the following:

  • unscrew the cover, gradually adjust the force of the springs. In this case, the air pressure in the cylinder should not be lower than 0.8 MPa;
  • -ix this position of the cover. To do this, apply paint to the threads of the body, then put on the protective cap;
  • remove condensate by slightly opening the valve in the cylinder. Reduce the pressure gradually to 0.65-0.7 MPa. In this case, the compressor switches automatically to fill the systems with compressed air;
  • remove the tractor pressure gauge from the connecting head.
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