John Deere 6120 Clutch Problem

John Deere 6120 Clutch Problem Problems

John Deere 6120 Clutch Problem. Faced a problem when the box does not turn on when the engine is running, it can be absolutely unexpected. The transmissions began to turn on not completely or too tightly. Already at the initial stage, I wanted to contact the service, but maybe there is an opportunity to fix problems that are cheaper.


Whether or not a gear engages while the engine is running will depend on whether or not the speed can be engaged when the engine is shut off. If this cannot be done, most often the problem lies in the synchronizers or gears. But in any case, you will need to disassemble the box in order to establish the true cause.When the speed does not turn on when the engine is running, you should look for the cause in the clutch. This can be: lack of oil;

the clutch is not working at full power; there is no fluid in the drive hydraulic system. By disconnecting the box, you can disassemble the clutch basket: usually the problems come from there. It is easier to check the amount of liquid, just look into the expansion tank. This is available for those models that have a hydraulic clutch.

Lack of oil

When the problem lies in a lack of oil, the gears will still be included, while a metallic grinding will be felt. When there is not enough lubrication in the box, accordingly, switching is more difficult. The gears simply cannot cling to each other. The same goes for the operation of synchronizers. It is important that the oil in the box is at a sufficient level and that there are no leaks. If it is necessary to change the oil, it will also be better to replace the oil seals in the shank. Remember that products from different manufacturers should not be mixed.

Shopping cart problems

If the first gear does not engage when the engine is running, but there is no grinding noise, the basket may be the cause. The clutch will also not engage fully. In this case, it is better to remove the box in order to clarify the exact reason. First of all, the bearing is checked. Its course on the input shaft must be free. If there are difficulties in movement, the reason is in it – due to this, the clutch does not work. A worn part should be replaced.

Also, there is a high probability of a problem that has arisen – in the deterioration of the disc. If, upon visual inspection, it shows signs of carbon deposits or the presence of rivets, it will need to be replaced. After that, the gears should change without problems. When there is a problem with the basket itself, the problem is harder to see. It tends to wear out, and then a large number of petals appear on it. As a consequence, there is an increased susceptibility to higher temperatures. When the basket heats up, it will no longer be able to move the pressure plate completely. The basket should be disassembled and inspected. If the problem is in it, there should be visible signs of damage. After installing the working parts, the John Deere 6120 Tractor should start to function normally.

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