John Deere 6120 Starter Problems

John Deere 6120 Starter Problems Problems

John Deere 6120 Starter Problems. I bought a John Deere 6120 2 years ago. Until then, the tractor was working properly, I don’t know what happened, but there was a problem with the engine. When turning the key in the ignition lock, the starter turned the tractor’s engine, but now the starter won’t turn and the engine won’t turn.

JOHN DEERE Special Equipment is a very reliable technique and rarely fails. But even she breaks sometimes. There is a very unpleasant situation when the JOHN DEERE engine stalls and does not want to start. In this case, a message describing the error code of the fault lights up on the instrument panel display. But there are also exceptions where the errors do not stand out. Our company’s diagnostic specialists have accumulated solid experience in repairing the above-mentioned faults.

If the control system of the mentioned equipment, when turning the ignition key to start, does not turn on the starter motor, then the cause of the failure is in the electrical equipment or in the electronic systems of the truck. The reasons may be the following:

  • Defective relay and fuse box
  • Lack of contacts in the wiring connectors-
  • Malfunction of the truck main relay
  • Failure of the ignition lock
  • Failure of the starter motor
  • Operation or short circuit of the CAN bus
  • Lack of “ground”
  • Lack of supply voltage in the engine control unit
  • Malfunction of the starter retractor relay
  • Failure of the ignition switch
  • Failure of the engine control unit.

If the starter of the described technique turns when the key is turned in the ignition lock, but the engine shows no signal. The cause of the malfunction can be both in the electrical equipment of the car and in the mechanics. The electrical breakdowns of the car can be those described above, except the breakdowns associated with the starter motor and its circuits, in addition to the following reasons

  • Malfunction of the high pressure fuel pump (TNVD)
  • Mechanical failure of the engine
  • “Aeration” of the fuel equipment
  • Malfunction of the immobilizer
  • Lack of diesel in the tank
  • Clogged fuel filter
  • Defective chip in the key
  • Clogged fuel lines
  • Breaking control valve
  • Mechanical malfunction of injectors
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