John Deere 6120m with loader for sale US

John Deere 6120m with loader for sale US Buy Now

John Deere 6120m with loader for sale US. CommandQuad Plus – 24/24, 40 km/h, ISOBUS Ready / GreenStar Ready, No AutoTrac Package, 6M Cab – Standard, Cab with CommandARM, Standard Seat, Mirrors – Manual Telescopic, Standard Radio, Hydraulic Pump – 114 l/min, Electronic SCVs (450 Series), Rear PTO – 540/1000 rpm, Draft Links with Telescopic Ball End – Category 2, Center, Link with Ball End – Category 2, Sway Control Blocks, Flange-Type Rear Axle, Adjustable Steel Wheels (Steel Disk), Rear and Front Tire Brand – Firestone, 4WD Front Axle – TLS, Adjustable Steel Wheels, Front Wheels Size 420/70R28, Shipment Preparation – by Ship Overseas, with Conservation, Toolbox, Front Fenders 4WD – Turnable, Rear Fender Extensions – Adjusted to Tire Size, Additional Storage Compartment – Left-Hand Side, PTO Remote Control.

Manufacturer:John Deere tractors
Model:John Deere 6120M
Operating hours:20
Front tires:480/68r28 trelleborg
Front tires condition:1
Rear tires:600/65r38 trelleborg
Rear tires condition:1
Price for sale135,000.00 USD
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