Problem John Deere 6120 electronics

Problem John Deere 6120 electronics Problems

Problem John Deere 6120 electronics. I have had the 6120 John Deere tractor for a long time, it is very expensive to carry out an electrical inspection, I want to do it myself. Tell me where to start and what problems with the electrician could be?

In the 6120 John Deere tractor, electronics have one of the main roles, which ensures good and high-quality operation of the equipment. Therefore, electronics needs constant, quarterly and professional maintenance. Professional maintenance of equipment implies a high qualification of personnel who serve agricultural equipment, which often does not correspond to reality.

In order to avoid catastrophic errors during electronics repair, you should carefully read all instructions before diagnosing problems. Common causes of failure of electrical equipment in tractors are:

  • Specific breakdown of a light bulb, a signal, which is the final consumer of electricity.
  • Broken contact, where its presence is necessary. Most often this happens due to corrosion of the metal wires or their breaks.
  • The appearance of a contact, where it is normally not needed. The most common is a short to ground due to a broken fuse.
  • Oxidation reaction, which is often accompanied not only by a decrease in voltage, but also by a strong heating of the contacts.
  • Melting of the traction relay contacts.
  • Broken contacts of switches.
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