Problem of Chip tuning John Deere 6120

The problem of Chip tuning John Deere 6120 Problems

Problem of Chip tuning John Deere 6120. I have been working with a tractor since childhood and I know it perfectly, I try to strengthen and improve the tractor for greater productivity in work. I heard something about chip tuning, I decided to try it, but I can’t put this chip on.

Chip tuning, which can also be used on tractors, will help to give the necessary power to the equipment and increase the torque of its engine. In recent years, such a service has become increasingly popular in many foreign countries, including in Europe, as a result of which about 60 percent of European agar machines already have various modifications. This method allows you to increase the productivity of the tractor, while spending significantly less money than when buying a new and more powerful model.


There are two main ways to change the tractor settings. The first is to increase the amount of fuel entering the engine. The so-called tuning boxes successfully cope with this task. Accordingly, more fuel — higher power. This method is quite simple, since with such an option, a special device actually “deceives” the engine control unit by transmitting modified sensor signal data, and forces the electronic control panel to compensate for the alleged lack of fuel. Practice has shown that long-term operation of the engine in such a load entails various problems, since the ECU constantly operates in a compensating mode.

The second method consists in a comprehensive replacement of the calibration of the control unit, taking into account all the engine resources and the mathematical model of the control program-the ECUV-model. That is, the method involves changing the amount of fuel, the quality of the mixture, the ignition timing angle, the duration and cycle of the injectors in a more complex way with precise control of power and output torque, without crossing the safety and reliability boundaries laid down by the manufacturer. This method is called “chip tuning”, or reprogramming of the chip. When using it, the tractor engine continues to work correctly and stably, but at the same time it is more efficient compared to tuning boxes.

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