Seat Belt Problems John Deere 6120

Seat Belt Problems John Deere 6120 Problems

Seat Belt Problems John Deere 6120. I have been an experienced driver for 20 years, and every 3-5 years my seat belt breaks, now I work on a John Deere 6120 tractor and I have a problem with the belt. Where can I get a quality belt? How to choose?

Agricultural belts operate in the harshest conditions imaginable. Grain harvesting machines and tractors work outdoors, often under continuous exposure to sunlight and therefore hot conditions. In addition, the use of relatively small tensioners is very common, which leads to a significant increase in the load on the belt (excessive deformation of the belt and increase in temperature). Additionally, belts are susceptible to dust, dirt, stones, and other foreign objects that can get caught between the belt and the pulley. For all these reasons, you should only use belts designed for use on agricultural machines, as they are made to specifications for these harsh conditions.

AGROFARM EQUIPMENT offers a wide range of high quality agricultural belts designed for heavy duty drives. Agricultural V-belts from AGROFARM EQUIPMENT are available in various designs: V-belts with wraparound side edges, with concave side edges and with wrapping side edges and V-belts without wrapping edges with specially designed molded tooth faces. They are characterized by one or more of the following distinguishing characteristics

  • a unique tensile strength thanks to a special rope material (highest quality aramid or polyester;
  • an improved chemical treatment of the rope material to ensure better adherence;
  • a multilayer elastomer formation process with transversely oriented microfibers on the subcord, which provides better rope support.

All agricultural belts in this catalog are manufactured in Gates’ European factories, all meeting the highest standards for quality, safety and the environment.

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