Starter does not work John Deere 6120

Starter does not work John Deere 6120 Problems

Starter does not work John Deere 6120. Hello! Half a year ago I bought a John Deere model 6120 tractor from a friend. Everything is fine, this tractor is completely out of date for me, but my friend warned me that his starter might break over time. And now, 3 days ago, the power supply to the engine stopped. I tried to restore the required speed in the crankshaft, but the problem was not solved. What to do?

The tractor starter is an integral part of the engine, which is necessary to start it. The starter provides the crankshaft with the required speed. In a static state, the engine cannot create either torque or electricity, so the starter comes to the rescue here. The components of the starter are the electric motor, the drive mechanism and the electromagnetic traction relays. Its components include a body, an anchor, a retractor relay, an overrunning clutch, a drive gear, brush holders, brushes. To facilitate troubleshooting, you should turn on the starter and monitor the change in the glow of one of the lamps, for example, the dashboard. This will help determine the nature of the problem.

If, when you press the lever, the anchor of the device does not move, and the brightness of the lamp does not change, the following points may be the cause of the breakdown:

  • there is no contact of the brushes with the collector.
  • perhaps there is no contact in the starter switch.
  • there may be a break in the connections inside the starter.

When, when you press the switch lever, the engine shaft rotates rather slowly, or does not rotate at all, and the lamp glow becomes dim, the reasons for the breakdown may be as follows:

  • it may be necessary to replace the battery;
  • the contact of the brushes with the collector is not reliable;
  • a short circuit has occurred or the armature touches the poles;
  • the starter gears may touch the flywheel in the rim
  • the starter may be installed incorrectly, it is necessary to look at the gear teeth and the flywheel rim;
  • poor contact in the starter power circuit
  • it is necessary to inspect all contacts, clean them and tighten them.

If, when the lever is pressed, the shaft of the device rotates quickly, but the motor shaft itself does not rotate, the teeth of the drive gear or the flywheel crown may be broken. In this case, you need to change the non-working parts. If the freewheel slips, then the starter drive needs to be replaced. If there is a tight stroke on the shaft cutting, then a flushing or replacement of the shaft cutting should be done.

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