John Deere 6120 engine problem

Troit engine John Deere 6120 Problems

Troit engine John Deere 6120. Good evening. I have a question about the 2019 John Deere 6120 M It is troit, on gear 1, under a good load, an error pops up and power drops. In 4th gear at 2400 rpm, an error pops up, and the engine rpm begins to drop. I’m trying to figure it out. Can you tell me something?

Most of the motorists have always been involved in the repair of tractors on their own. This allows you to reduce costs, but at the same time, the quality of service can also decrease. Certain types of dental work only for professionals with serious equipment. Therefore, it is better to think about a trip to a specialized service. So why does the engine troit and can you fix it yourself?

Air flow sensor problem

This sensor is responsible for the correct preparation of the air-fuel mixture. The consequences of improper operation of this device can be quite serious. The mixture enters the combustion chamber either too rich or too poor. Because of this, fuel consumption is significantly increased. This problem can be solved only in specialized workshops, where they will carry out computer diagnostics of the John Deere 6120 tractor and replace the sensor if the problem is in it.

The injection system does not work properly

One of the reasons for the poor quality of the mixture, as mentioned above, is an air flow meter, but there are others. The mixture can be rich or poor due to critical catalyst wear or poor quality air filter. As in the first paragraph, only deep diagnostics of the unit will help here.


Compression problems are more common on worn out engines. A still cold engine troit and runs unevenly, but after warming up everything is normalized. The more such a tractor is used, the more the engine wears out. Soon, triple formation appears at operating temperature, which indicates the need for major repairs. If this happens, it is necessary to deliver the tractor to the service as soon as possible, where the condition of the cylinders will be accurately assessed.

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